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Mavin load cell for luggage weighing machine

Jun 24, 2020

Mavin provides a wide range of load and force sensors with capacities from a few hundred grams to more than 500 Tons. Product families include single point cells, compression cells, S-type, shear beam and spoke type load cells together with complete weighing assemblies, junction boxes, and mounting accessories. We also offer complete technical support and a full sales services.

The 500kg platform load cell NA3 is widely used for single and double load cell structured platform scales with a maximum platform size of 800 mm x 800mm and is supplied with relevant OIML and NTEP certification. The load cell is part of a wide range which covers aluminium, stainless or alloy steels, to suit single and double load cell structured platform scale applications from small weighing scales to large weighbridge structures and beyond.

Mavin, as the global load cell manufacturer, has recently announced its participation in an innovative new machine for use at airports that scans, weighs and confirms that passenger’s carry-on luggage meets the size and weight restrictions required by major airlines. It helps consumers at the airport located stores to select the appropriate suitcase by a combination of infra-red scanning and platform scale precision weighing using the mavin NA series single point load cell. The space saving device saves time with its special theoretical calibration which does not rely on heavy weights to calibrate the machine but uses a Mavin calibration sheet supplied with the load cell by simply entering the full scale output in mV/V.

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