• Aluminum alloy single point load cells 20 Feb, 2019
    Do you know about the working principle of single point load cell? Single-point load cells are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial production plants and are normally available from protection class IP65. Their properties are determined by the built-in metal spring element that is deformed under load. This deformation or strain is picked up by strain gauges installed on the spr...
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  • How to Select A Load Cell 20 Feb, 2019
    It is not an easy task to select the suitable weight sensor for your required weighing applications, since no one aluminum load cell can fit all applications. Here lists out some key points for you to consider during your selection process of load cell. Firstly, you should understand your application and define what it is you want to measure. If you want to measure load, it means that you want to ...
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  • General Information about Load Cell 04 Dec, 2018
    A Load Cell or weight sensor is a highly accurate device that is used to measure weight or force in compression, tension, bending or shear. The load cell itself is a force transducer that is used to convert force into an electrical signal. This signal is usually only a few millivolts and often requires amplification before it can be used. There are many different types of load cells available that...
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