High quality load cell sensor
  • General Information about Load Cell 04 Dec, 2018
    A Load Cell or weight sensor is a highly accurate device that is used to measure weight or force in compression, tension, bending or shear. The load cell itself is a force transducer that is used to convert force into an electrical signal. This signal is usually only a few millivolts and often requires amplification before it can be used. There are many different types of load cells available that...
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  • How to Select A Load Cell 20 Feb, 2019
    It is not an easy task to select the suitable weight sensor for your required weighing applications, since no one aluminum load cell can fit all applications. Here lists out some key points for you to consider during your selection process of load cell. Firstly, you should understand your application and define what it is you want to measure. If you want to measure load, it means that you want to ...
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  • Aluminum alloy single point load cells 20 Feb, 2019
    Do you know about the working principle of single point load cell? Single-point load cells are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial production plants and are normally available from protection class IP65. Their properties are determined by the built-in metal spring element that is deformed under load. This deformation or strain is picked up by strain gauges installed on the spr...
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  • The terminology of load cell specification 01 Mar, 2019
    If you want to know more aluminum alloy weighing sensor, you had better to understand some main terms of the specification, which will help to decide which high profile platform load cell fitted into your application for weighing or force measurement. Accuracy – Normally quoted as either a percentage of full scale output or a percentage of the applied load. The accuracy figure is the combined erro...
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  • Digital load cell VS Analog load cell 12 Apr, 2019
    Digital load cells perform A/D conversion using an internal A/D converter. After arithmetic processing to correct peculiarities in the load cell output, a digital signal is sent to the digital load cell indicator. While analog to digital (A/D) conversion is performed at the analog load cell indicator. A digital load cell outputs numbers to the indicator while an analog load cell outputs voltage. T...
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  • Mavin load cell 16 Apr, 2019
    As the leading load cell manufacturer in China with over 22 years machining and electronic production, Mavin offers an extensive range of load cell, including but not limited to, Low Profile, Tension, Shear Beam, Compression, Miniature Load Cells, Column Load Cell, and Single Points, all with a wide variety of weighing accessories. We are ISO9001 certified and manufacture in accordance to OIML sta...
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  • The application of single point load cell 24 Apr, 2019
    Load cells come in many different shapes, sizes and capacities for all types of weighing systems. In order to find the correct load cell for your application, today I list one of the common types – single point load cell and let you know about its uses. Because of their price and reliability, single point load cells are probably the cheapest and most popular type on the market today. You will find...
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  • China Load Cell Manufacturer - Mavin 30 May, 2019
    Mavin is one of the leading China Load Cell Manufacturer with over 20 years continuous production and selling to many countries around the world. Our goal is to build the MAVIN load cell into an excellent brand widely used for the core of modern intelligent applications. Under the background of Industrial 4.0 and the manufacturing policy of Made in China 2025, we...
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