High quality load cell sensor


Set up in 1997, Hope Technologic (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers in the field of load cells in China. Hope owns highly sophisticated technicians and specialized equipments related with mechanical processing, electronic development, electronic detection and production, and it has formed a full set of professional production management system, inspection system and quality assurance system for Mavin brand products.

Our strength:

a. Over 26 years’ development and succession from Taiwan high precision CNC machining technique and Japanese electronic technique, when Hope was co-found by Taiwan Haomen Precision Industry Company and Japan NTS Instrument Co., Ltd. in 1997 located in Xiamen

b. More automatic and semi-automatic production lines to enhance its productivity and competitiveness, Hope invested and set up a lot of new automatic and semi-automatic production lines since 2013

c. NTEP certificate from NCWM of the United States and OIML R60 C6 certificate from NMi of Netherlands approved

d. All our activities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we guarantee that our products are conforming to international standards and codes, with full inspection system before shipment.

e. We owned our brand "MAVIN" and have cooperated with many famous companies in world’s weighing field like Japan SHIMADZU, Korea CAS, Taiwan "JADEVER" and so on. 


We are able:

      a. To produce load cells following your specifications, in order to extend your competitiveness and production capabilities. Hope sets up a new automation department for customized load cell projects, especially for new product design, manufacture and software development, which involves to several fields such as internet of things, intelligent plant, robotics, process control, batching system construction.

      b. To provide complementary load cell types in order to complete your existing range. Hope manufactures a wide range of standard load cells, such as double-hole parallel beam, bending beam, single ended shear beam, double ended shear beam, S type, column type, wheel shaped, compression and tension load cell. With wild range capacities from 300g to over 150 tones, our MAVIN load cells are among the most popular load cells used in commercial weighing applications, weighing instrumentation, component testing and weighing systems, silo and vessel weighing.  

·     Our objective is to establish a long-term partnership with our clients, producing high quality load cells with the following international standards:

--- ISO9001 quality control system

      --- Products on the standard of OIML / NTEP

-     --- Products conform to RoHS (European regulation concerning the Restriction Of use of certain Hazardous Substances)


      We also highly concern the selection criteria for the supplier you required:

·     --- Competitive price

·     --- Large-scale Production capabilities 

      --- Strict quality management

·     --- Short Delivery time

      --- Flexible Terms of payment

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