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Jul 10, 2020

A load cell is a type of weight sensor used for measuring load, weight, force or strain. They are one of our popular categories of products as they are well used throughout many industries. A load cell converts the load or force into an electrical signal so that it can be processed by different devices depending on the application.

High Quality weighing sensors

Load cells are used throughout daily life as well as in more industrial applications, some load cells are used for;

Kitchen scales

Bathroom scales

Luggage scales at the airport

Self checkout scales in supermarkets

More industrial applications include

Tipper truck scales

On-board weighing

Counting scales

Bench scales

Hopper scales

Belt scales

Medical equipment

Weigh bridges

Overhead track scales


We as the leading load cell manufacturer in China, have been supplying load cells for 23 years and have helped to solve some interesting applications as well as more common and well-known applications.

Not all of our load cells are displayed on our website www.mavin.cn so please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

China Load Cell Manufacturer

We are also able to give technical advice and information on all of our load cells. Contact us if you require further information on mavin load cell or on any of the products in our portfolio.

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