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Single Point Load Cells

Jul 10, 2020

Load cells are available in different shapes and sizes which makes them suitable for different applications and different industries. There are various different types available from Mavin. Single point load cell is the most common type of load cell suitable for weighing many different matters.

A single point load cell is also known as a platform load cell, this is because platform scales are one of the most popular applications for a single point load cell. Single point load cells are the most common type of load cell world-wide.

Single point load cells are extremely popular in low capacity compact weighing systems. Their unique ability to accept off centre loads makes them well suited to industrial applications.

Because weighing sensors are so versatile, single point load cells can be used to weigh anything from something as common as sugar to extreme matter such as dynamite and everything in between.

These have a range of different platform sizes and are suitable for different applications including bench scales, counting scales and other applications in many industries. Click the link www.mavin.cn to find out more about each product and to view specific datasheets.

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