High quality load cell sensor
Mavin shear beam cell with digital communication

Jun 19, 2020

Our model being a digital load cell, offers great advantages. One of the most relevant aspects is that the individual weight value of each load cell can be obtained, which can help in the monitoring and diagnosis of the weighing system. In addition, the load cell is calibrated at the factory and its installation is much faster: install and weigh. Connectivity is another aspect that in our company we work to improve and that is a point in favor of digital load cells.

This steel alloy load cell is available in capacities between 0.25 and 10 tons, works by compression and can be used in tank and silo weighing systems with high linearity and low-profile requirements.

This digital load cell communicates through the standard communication protocol MODBUS 485 or MODBUS 232, which allows efficiency and productivity and facilitates the communication of the equipment with industrial devices such as PLC, making it possible to control and send the weight information processed by the equipment.

We never stop working on the improvement of our products, a commitment to offer the customer the best weighing solutions. Dont hesitate to contact us and enquire the shear beam cells with digital communication.

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