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S type steel alloy tension load cell NS13

NS13 is S type alloy steel load cell with compact structure and overload protection, easy to install and available in a range of environmental sealing up to IP67. The tension force sensor is with 0.03% R.O. accuracy.
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    Steel Alloy
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    IP67 / IP68
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Product Details

Alloy steel Tension Load Cell NS13 (10T)

NS13 is S type alloy steel load cell with compact structure and overload protection, easy to install and available in a range of environmental sealing up to IP67. The tension force sensor is with 0.03% R.O. accuracy.

Key Features

Compact structure

Alloy steel construction with nickel plated treatment
Environmentally sealed to IP67

Overload protection 

Usage & Applications
Hopper scales
Crane scales

Tension control and machine testing

Batching systems, blending & mixing systems, belt scales,etc

DimensionS type load cell NS13

NS13 Specification

Rated Capacities

10 (t)

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V±0.25%

Zero Balance

±0.0200 mV/V


0.03 %R.O.


0.03 %R.O.


0.03 %R.O.

30mins Creep 

0.03 %R.O.

30mins Return

0.03 %R.O.

Safe Overload

150 %R.O.

Ultimate Overload

200 %R.O.

Temperature Effect On Output

0.002 %R.O./

Temperature Effect On Zero

0.003 %R.O./

Input Impedance

390±15 Ω

Output Impedance

350±5 Ω

Insulation Impedance

5000 MΩ/(50VDC)

Recommended Excitation

5~12 VDC

Maximum Excitation

15 VDC




Steel Alloy

Protection Class

IP67 / IP68


φ5×3 m

Recommended Platform Size

Mode of Connection


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