High quality load cell sensor
Load cell - the heart of weighing machine or electric scales

Dec 14, 2019

Load cell is a type of transducer which performs the functionality of converting force into an electric output which can be measured. You can find load cell at the heart of any weighing machine or electric scales. This type of load cell sensor is highly accurate which provides user with required information that is difficult to obtain by other technology owing to certain commercial factors.

It is basically a device that measures strain and then converts force into electric energy which serves as measurement for scientists and workers. The strain measurement by load cells helps in maintaining integrity of the unit under pressure and protects people and equipment nearby.

They are available in different sizes, shapes and capacities. There are different types of load cells available:

Single Point – Owing to its reliability and price, this type of single point load cell can be found in several types of counting scales, postal, parcel, medical and retail scales. It is used in industrial weighing systems, platform scales and provides accurate readings regardless of the position of the load on platform, which in turn reduces manufacturing costs as well.

Single and Double Ended Shear Beam – It has number of benefits, when compared to other types of designs. It permits limited movement to allow thermal contraction and expansion and lifts off protection.

S Type – This type of load cells provide you with digital output when used in compression or tension. Further, it provides superior side load rejection and is mainly used in wireless format and this technology is available at great price.

The usage of this transducer is not limited to electronic scales. Apart from this, it is used in industrial scales, load-testing machines, flow-meters, etc.

It makes use of different operating principles namely pneumatic, strain gauge and hydraulic load cells. These load cells are usually attached to support beam or structural bearing of an application which endures pressures and stresses often with appropriate adhesive or superglue.

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