High quality load cell sensor

Tension and compression load cell stud type transducer NY5

The NY5 is a customizable designed stud mounted load cell with wide capacity range up to 500kg, suitable for Forklift Scale load cell, Batching scale load cell, and Industrial weighing scale. The tension and compression load cell precision is 0.15% R.O.
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    100% payment before shipment
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    Stainless Steel / steel alloy
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    IP67 / IP68
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Product Details

Crane type tension and compression Load Cell NY5 (50-500KG)

The NY5 is a customizable designed stud mounted load cell  with wide capacity range up to 500kg, suitable for Forklift Scale load cell, Batching scale load cell, and Industrial weighing scale. The tension and compression load cell precision is 0.15% R.O.

Key Features

Crane type shaped

Stainless Steel / steel alloy Construction
Capacity: 50-500kg

Protection class:IP67/PI68

Rated Output: 1.0 mV/V±1%

Usage & Applications 

Crane scales

Hopper scales

Batching scales

Industrial weighing system


Crane type load cell

NY5 Specification

Rated Capacities

50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 ( kg )

Rated Output

1.0 mV/V±10%

Zero Balance

±0.0200 mV/V


0.15 %R.O.


0.15 %R.O.


0.15 %R.O.

30mins Creep 

0.15 %R.O.

30mins Return

0.15 %R.O.

Safe Overload

150 %R.O.

Ultimate Overload

200 %R.O.

Temperature Effect On Output

0.02 %R.O./

Temperature Effect On Zero

0.02 %R.O./

Input Impedance

390±15 Ω

Output Impedance

350±5 Ω

Insulation Impedance

≥5000 MΩ/(50VDC)

Recommended Excitation

5~12 VDC

Maximum Excitation

15 VDC




Steel Alloy;  Stainless Steel

Protection Class

IP67 / IP68



Recommended Platform Size

Mode of Connection


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