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Mavin aims to make every load cell high-quality, precise and reliable

With the persistent transcendence, and rigorous innovation, MAVIN brand has achieved great success today, casting MAVIN quality.

We have been working hard to strive for the excellent quality.

Times are changing, and Mavin's original intention remains unchanged

For more than 20 years, MAVIN has always adhered to the goal of manufacturing high-precision, high-stability and high-quality load cells to satisfy customers’ requirements.

In 1997, Hope Technologic (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Taiwan Haomen Precision Industries Company and Japan NTS instrument Co., Ltd. inXiamen, building the Mavin brand.

MAVIN has owned excellent R&D, production, testing, sales service and technical team. Most products are widely used in the weighing field of automation equipment and industrial system.

MAVIN offers various kinds of load cells with a wide range of capacities from 20g to 500t, mainly used in measurement applications, laboratories, industrial automation equipment, ships, oil extraction equipment, port machinery and other weighing systems, etc.

Today, MAVIN products are famous and popular in dozens of countries. Mavin brand has gone to the world, offering the best customized service to more and more customers at home and abroad.

Recruitment of talents and R&D Innovation have always been the unceasing power of MAVIN's long-term development.

In recent years, MAVIN has obtained dozens of national patents and software copyrights

At the same time, we have invested heavily in advanced CNC Machining Center and inspection and testing equipment to ensure the production of high-precision load cells

The NA series load cells of MAVIN have gotten NTEP certificate from NCWM of the United States and OIML-R60C5 certificate from NMi of Netherlands.

The product process is strictly in accordance with the OIML-R60 and GB/T7551-2008 standards. The whole product line meets the RoHS environmental protection requirements. The quality management has passed the ISO 9001:2015 international quality system certification.

In order to ensure the quality of products, MAVIN pays attention to every technical detail.

Each load cell is designed and simulated repeatedly, and verified by lots of actual tests. To maintain the best performance of the load cells, we frequently tested and found out the most suitable design solutions in the structure size, force and deformation area of load cell manufacturing.

Under the background of Industrial 4.0 and the manufacturing policy of Made in China 2025, digital load cells have been successfully developed for intelligent and automated applications, which are widely used in intelligent retail, intelligent warehousing, intelligent garbage sorting, intelligent parking system and other fields.

Material is the foundation, structure is the key, technology is the core, and inspection is the guarantee.

MAVIN has accumulated excellent production technology over 22 years’ manufacturing experience.

We make sure that each process is strictly controlled from gluing strain gauge, welding wire, silicone coating, temperature compensation, corner adjustment to packaging.

Bar code management system is introduced in the production process, to ensure the traceability of materials and products

To guarantee quality, the key point is inspecting. There are strict inspection standards from raw materials to finished products.

MAVIN attracts a large number of outstanding professionals and engineers who have the courage to innovate, and spur with long accumulation

Adhering to the value of "Quality First, Customer First, Continuous Improvement, Full Participation", MAVIN people are always moving forward with the cultural concept of "Sustainable Management"

MAVIN is specialized in manufacturing load cells, and aim to make every load cell high-quality, precise and reliable. It's a long way to go. My colleagues and I insist on taking the enterprise as the platform to build the MAVIN load cell into an excellent brand widely used for the core of modern intelligent applications.

MAVIN QualitySatisfy Your Wishes.  Intelligent SensingConnects the Future.

Let’s stick to the ingenuity, make MAVIN go further

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